Will Samsung S8 have a headphone jack?

samsung s8 headphone jack missing
Written by Dario Komsic

Apple have called themselves “brave” for removing the headphone jack from their newest flagship, the iPhone 7 and 7 +, however, will Samsung be brave and remove the headphone jack from their new flagships too?

Influenced by Apple?

Judging by the newest rumors, the all new Samsung Galaxy S8 will not have a headphone jack either.

Apple has most likely lost a lot of the potential customers for their newest flagship because they removed the headphone jack, which made some of their customers look for some Android flagship alternatives or not to upgrade their previous upgrade at all.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a headphone jack after all?

This time around due to Note 7 fiasco, Samsung cannot afford to make any mistakes, nor can they afford to lose any potential customers. Its even rumored that the S8 will be selling for cheaper than the S7 initially did, all in attempt to attract new and old customers, lost because of the Note 7 issues and recall. Therefore its highly impractical for Samsung to remove the headphone jack from their new flagship. As a matter of fact, they will most likely keep it just to “stick it ” to Apple and try to get some Apple users to come to Samsung just for the sake of having a headphone jack to use your most favourite headphones without having to use any dongles.

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