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Samsung Note 7 recall hasn’t made Samsung unpopular?

samsung note 7 explosion
Written by Dario Komsic

Study conducted from 26th October 2016 to 9th November 2016 has shown that the Note 7 recall hasnt affected smartphone users trust in Samsung’ quality and has also shown that many of them are ready to buy another Samsung product, regardless of the fiasco that happened with the Note 7.

This year Samsung have found themselves in the middle of a scandal after their flagship Note 7 devices have started self combusting. Reason for this was detected to be a faulty battery.

More and more reports have started comming from all around the world with many new self combustion cases being reported so Samsung havent had any options other than to ask their customers to bring their phones back to them, and have them replaced with a newer Note 7 ┬áthat ” didnt have battery problems and wouldnt combust on its own” .

exploded note 7

exploded note 7

However, after reports came in that the new replacement units have started spontaneously combusting too, Samsung didnt have any other options but to recall all Note 7 units and close the book on their newest flagship.

Many have said that this scandal will harm Samsungs reputation a lot, however study conducted by Reuters and Ipsos has shown a completely different picture.

According to results Samsung owners are extremely loyal to their brand with around 92% of current Samsung users stating that they’re ready to buy another Samsung phone in the future.

Samsung figures are similar to Apple, where 91% of current Apple iPhone users have stated that they will buy another iPhone in the future.

Samsung has stated that the scandal regarding the Samsung Note 7 recall hasnt damaged them a lot because most of the customers that have returned their Note 7 phones, have bought a different Samsung flagship to replace the “exploding” one. They also confirm that around 85% of all sold Note 7 devices have been returned and exchanged by November 5th 2016.

What do you think? Do you trust Samsung after all of this? Will you be getting another Samsung phone? If not, which phone are you planning on getting?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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