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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold Unboxing + Hands On

The iPhone 7 buzz has finally calmed down so we have decided to film an unboxing and review of another iPhone 7 Plus unit we have just acquired. I have used the iPhone 7 plus from the first day it was released , having upgraded from the iPhone 6s plus, you can expect a fairly “chunky” review from me in the days to come. Phone was brand new when I unboxed it, in the video there was no talking . Just plain ole unboxing.

Planning on getting an iPhone 7 Plus?

This particular unit is a 32GB Rose Gold model. Many will argue that this is an ugly color, but trust me, once you see it live, its rather beautiful.

If you’re thinking about getting an iPhone 7 Plus or just a regular iPhone 7 for yourself, I suggest Amazon, excellent price, and extremely fast shipping. Get it here!


iphone 7 plus

iphone 7 plus

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